Striking a Balance – Why Raw Food or Supermarket Dog Food Might not be Best for your Dog

It absolutely makes sense, logically, that animals like cats and dogs should eat raw meat since this is what they would eat in the wild.  People are increasingly turning away from commercial brand pet foods because they are so full of additives and unnatural stuff that really isn’t good for pets and feeding either raw meat diets they’re compiling themselves or buying frozen raw meat from pet shops.  There’s a problem with this, however.  Our pets just aren’t wild animals anymore and their systems can often not handle the bacteria and parasites found in raw meat.  There’s a risk to owners too.

What’s the Problem with a Raw Food Diet?

The main problem is that some of our pampered pets just aren’t equipped to deal with raw meat anymore and much of our commercially produced meat isn’t as ‘natural’ as the meat they would eat in the wild anyway.  Nowadays, many dog breeds need extra nutrients not found in raw meat alone and some breeds can actually sustain injuries to their mouths and stomachs from eating raw food.  Another major concern is the fact that raw meat can contain bacteria and parasites that can harm humans as well as animals.  Cross contamination can mean humans are at risk of contracting E-coli and other pathogens as well as parasites like Sarcocystis and Toxoplasma gondii.  Freezing meat is a good way to kill the parasites but it doesn’t always kill the bacteria, unfortunately.

Is Supermarket Pet Food a Better Choice?

Not really.  Although raw food can contain dangerous bacteria, lots of commercial pet food contains some seriously unnatural and unhealthy ingredients. Not only have these pet foods been found to use off meat and old used oil, it also contains a lot of grains which just aren’t the natural diet of dogs or cats.  Lots of dried dog food and dog biscuits are made from ground up corn and meat that is cooked at such a high temperature, it kills any flavour so the products have to be sprayed with fat to make them palatable to dogs.  All round, it is made as cheaply as possible using ingredients that would never be considered fit for human consumption so shouldn’t really be given to our beloved pets either.

So What Should we Feed our Pets?

Fortunately, there is a middle way between these two diets.  Lots of companies are now producing more natural and superior quality pet food that isn’t raw but isn’t packed with additives and made of horrible inedible ingredients either.  Depending on which breed of dog you have, it’s a good idea to mix and match between different foods and maybe add in some raw diet items if you’re confident they are safe and suitable for your dog.  Read the ingredients in the food you buy for your pet and avoid the ones with artificial additives or grains.  There is plenty of information online about different makes of pet food so it’s easy to find which are genuinely best for your pets.

We only sell natural pet food to our Essex customers but, fortunately, we aren’t alone in selling food that is naturally good for pets.  If you would like any information on our pet foods, please call 07722 015433.


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