About Us

Only the Best Food and Service

People in Essex go mad for their pets and we want to do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy.  Finding the right food to allow us to do this can be tricky.  We all know that the food you get in the supermarket is full of nasty stuff that isn’t good for our beloved pets and the raw food doing the rounds at the moment isn’t suitable for all pets.  So, we started Simply the Best Pet Food to sell pet food that isn’t full of artificial junk but is also suitable for the more delicate breeds of dog who don’t do well on raw food.

As we’re all sick and tired of trying to get things delivered but ending up picking them up ourselves from out of town depots or dealing with uncooperative courier companies, we wanted to deliver our pet food ourselves.  That way, our customers in Essex can tell us exactly where they would like us to leave the food and only deal with us, who really care about giving good customer service, if they have any special requests or any issues with their delivery.

We call ourselves ‘Simply the Best Pet Food’ because we only offer food we think is best for your pet’s health and always strive to offer the best possible service to our customers.

Our ethos

Feeding your pets natural nutritious food doesn’t need to involve complicated raw food diets so we only offer simple healthy food that’s safe and convenient to feed your pet every day.